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As with any famous logo, there is a story to tell. 

For See Kwong, our late founder Mr. Mah Yip Thoong attributes the Company name and logo to “dawn” i.e., the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. 

See Kwong also signifies the arrival of electricity, bringing us light and hope at the “flick of a switch”. That led our late founder realise the importance of electrical products and venture into this industry after electricity being made available to homes and businesses in the 1950s. 

Founded in 1958, See Kwong is a leading industrial and residential electrical supply & hardware tools trading company. We are currently based in Ipoh, Perak. 

After decades of experience serving the market, we are coming to the third generation of business ownership. Standing through the test of time, you can always shop your electrical goods here, whether at our physical store or online at this web store. 

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See Kwong Grand Store OpeningSee Kwong Grand Store Opening with our Founder Mr. Mah Yip Thoong (in suit)
See Kwong Philips Van WrapPhilips Retro Van Wrap back in 1960s