What is a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) ?

What is a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) ?


RCCB stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker.

It is an electrical safety device designed to quickly disconnect the power supply to an electrical circuit in the event of a residual current fault, which can occur due to a leakage current in the circuit or a ground fault. It is to protect equipment and to reduce the risk of serious harm from an ongoing electric shock.


The RCCB works by continuously monitoring the current flowing through the live and neutral wires of an electrical circuit and compares the difference in current values between live and neutral wires. The current flowing to the circuit from the live wire should be the same as that flowing through the neutral wire. In case of a fault, the current from the neutral wire is reduced, the differential between the two known as residual current. Upon spotting the residual current, the RCCB will trip off the circuit.


Protection against Electric Shock: The primary purpose of an RCCB is to provide protection against electric shock. It does this by sensing any abnormal current flow and cutting off the power supply immediately. This happens when there is a problem with the electricity or if someone touches something that's electrified. By stopping the flow of electricity, the RCCB helps avoid serious shocks and can even save lives.

Detection of Electrical Faults: RCCBs are designed to detect various electrical faults, such as insulation failure, ground faults, short circuits, and residual currents. These faults can be dangerous for both individuals and electrical equipment. By monitoring the residual current, the RCCB can quickly detect these faults and stop the flow of electricity, isolating the fault and preventing further damage.

Fire Prevention: Electrical faults can lead to electrical fires. By promptly detecting and disconnecting faulty circuits, which stops the fire risk. They help reduce the risk of electrical fires caused by faults such as wiring insulation failure,or equipment malfunctions.


RCCB is a crucial component in modern electrical systems. However, RCCB is always used along with other protective device like MCB. As RCCB are only designed to detect residual current and not to trip on overload current or short circuit. If you are installing a new electrical system or upgrading an existing one, make sure to take into account the benefits of using RCCBs for your safety.

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