What is kA Rating of Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) ?

What is kA Rating of Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) ?

kA Rating of Circuit Breaker (CB)

All circuit breaker has a kA rating. kA rating on MCB refers to its breaking capacity or the maximum current it can safely interrupt under short circuit conditions without causing damage or malfunctioning.

The kA rating is an important specification that ensures the proper functioning of the MCB and provides adequate protection to the electrical equipment and the premise's occupants.

If the current goes beyond the rated kA, the circuit breaker could be damaged.

For example, if the MCB has a kA rating of 10kA, it means that it can safely interrupt a short-circuit current of up to 10,000 amps without suffering damage or failure. If the short circuit current is higher than this 10kA value, the MCB will get damaged.

In case of a short circuit or overload, the MCB needs to trip quickly to prevent damage to the electrical equipment and prevent the risk of fire. 

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