Myths About LED Lights Part 1

Myths About LED Lights Part 1


LEDs Contain Hazardous Substances

LEDs do not contain mercury, lead or other toxic materials like CFLs or fluorescent bulbs, that leak when the glass tube is broke. LEDs are completely recyclable just like most other electronic devices. LEDs are safe to consumers when used as intended.

LEDs Can’t Be Dimmed and Controlled

That is certainly not the case. LEDs are available both categories — dimmable and non-dimmable. Whether an LED light bulb is dimmable or not will be clearly mentioned on the packaging. If you want a dimmable LED bulb, check for the ‘dimmable’ symbol on its packaging. In many cases, you can use your existing dimmer switches. Just remove your current lamp and replace it with a dimmable LED lamp.

LEDs Don’t Get Hot

LEDs do give off some heat, but much lesser than energy saving sticks, twisters and traditional light bulbs. Another plus point is that LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet (UV) light either. Choose reputable LED lights to ensure quality and peace of mind.

LEDs Need Time to Warm Up

No, they don’t. Unlike traditional lights such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving twister that come on slowly or even flicker, LEDs immediately become fully bright almost instantly after switching them on. They can also be switched on and off continuously without shortening their lifespan.

LED Light Quality is Poor

No, it’s not. How well a light bulb reproduces colours in comparison to daylight is measured by what is called the ‘Colour Rendering Index’ (CRI).  The CRI for white light LEDs is between 75 and 85, while the CRI for daylight is 100. The CRI of LEDs will continue to get higher, making them ideal for even more lighting applications.

Compared to fluorescent lighting, mainly used in offices, LEDs offer better light quality, leading to higher work productivity and less eye strain for employees.

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